St. Louis Start-Up is Looking to Shake Up Online Casino Gaming

PR Web – iTime Club, a St. Louis start-up venture, recently launched a 60-day crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the hopes of developing a free online casino gaming website where players can play popular games like Texas Hold’Em and Blackjack for the chance to win huge cash prizes. A familiar St. Louis face, Ozzie Smith, has joined forces with iTime Club to show his support for the gaming platform.

St. Louis Start-Up is Looking to Shake Up Online Casino Gaming

Players will be able to play casino games online in the comfort of their own home or on the run through a mobile device to win cash prizes without ever wagering a cent. Wondering how it works? As the amount of players increases, sponsors and advertisers will become more willing to pay to get in front of players through video advertisement. 40% of the annual revenue received from sponsors and advertisers will be rewarded to players in the form of cash prizes.

However, it’s no secret that great things cost money, which is why iTime Club and Ozzie Smith are asking players to help make their dream a reality by donating through iTime Club’s Indiegogo campaign. So, how will contributions help? iTime Club will be using donor contributions to help with:

  • Complete the creation and design of the Texas Hold ‘Em game. Rather than developing all seven games before iTime Club’s official launch, they’ll develop the core attractions first to enable fans to start playing as quickly as possible.
  • Build a sophisticated video-marketing platform to attract sponsors and advertisers; the critical component to funding the cash prizes.

In exchange for their contributions, donors can claim perks (non-monetary incentives). Perks range from day passes to a live iTime Club poker tournament to a 7-day pass for any live tournament, including travel expenses, such as a first-class flight, 5-star hotel accommodations, and $5,000 gift card for food and drink. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to test/ppong/itime-club and help make it a reality.

About iTime ClubiTime Club was initially conceived in 2004. While the concept has evolved over time, one thing has remained true – the desire to build a revolutionary, virtual casino platform where people can play realistic and interactive casino games, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Slots, and more to win a whole lot of money without paying any ante out of pocket. iTime Club has now launched a 60-Day Indiegogo campaign to help reach its goal with the help of donors.

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